For Your Business Profile

Listing Tips

for writing your Business Profile

A business (or company) profile is a concise description of your business designed to capture the attention of potential customers. A well-written profile will provide all the necessary information about your business while reflecting your brand’s identity.

  1. Identify your target audience. Before you even begin writing, you need to determine the intended audience. Who are you trying to attract to your business? What do you want them to think and know about you?
  2. Make a statement. The first sentence of the profile will determine if the customer continues reading or not. It needs to provide a clear overview of who you are and what you have to offer. Highlight key points that distinguish you from the competition, such as years of experience and areas of specialized expertise.
  3. Don’t be scared to use first or second person! Using entirely third person can come across as cold. Try combining first and third person to set an approachable tone. “At NW Equine [third person], we [first person] do A and B. We can also help with C and D.” If you are an individual, it’s OK to refer to yourself as “I” and not your full name.
  4. Keep tone in mind, but add some personality. People outside of the industry should be able to easily decipher the information in your profile. Use layman’s terms rather than technical jargon. Add something that shares a bit of who you are! Showing personality helps people trust and remember you. Remember to include quotes and/or testimonials from your established clients.
  5. Edit and re-edit. Information about your business should be presented in a manner that is both attractive and professional. Read the profiles from your competitors and get your friends to proof read it. You may have to slightly edit your profile depending on the site and its audience.
  6. Remember the essentials. Include up-to-date contact information such as a phone number, person of contact, photo or logo, physical location and email address. Don’t forget your social media links! Make sure your profile includes keywords related to the industry that someone may be searching for on the Internet.
  7. Get a pro. A writer that specializes in marketing, SEO and is familiar with the current trends in social media will be able to make sure your business gets found. Remember this is an investment into your business future! A business profile can also be used on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, so you can get additional mileage out of the final product.


Original profile:

We are a full service horse boarding and training facility. Huge 200 X 90 ft indoor arena, 225 X 125 ft outdoor arena, trail course, on 20 acres. 12 X 12 indoor matted stalls, outdoor runs, turnout pasture, trailer parking. Large heated lounge with viewing window. Trainers available in reining, western, english, trail, full, part, lessons. Easy access from I-5 and highway 2. We are caring professionals who will care for your horse as if it were our own. Assistance with horse transportation available. Check out our Facebook page: Red Barn Farm, Snohomish, WA

After using these 7 tips:

Red Barn Farm is a full service horse boarding and training facility with the convenience of a central location in Snohomish, WA just minutes from I-5 and Hwy 2.

The well-lit 200’ x 90’ indoor arena has quality footing and is maintained daily. The 225’ x 125’ outdoor arena offers year round rubber and sand footing. Our matted 12’ x 12’ stalls are cleaned daily with tongue and groove walls for safety. Additionally, some of the stalls offer an attached 24’ x 50’ run using non-climb horse fencing topped with hot wire.

There are several turn-out pastures also with non-climb fencing for small group turnout. Our 3x daily feeding program offers premium Eastern Washington Alfalfa, Timothy or Orchard grass hay, as well as several grain options. We can also feed your supplements!

The large, heated lounge offers a clear view of the arena activities, with coffee, tea, and a client refrigerator available for your convenience.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to visit with Kathy Townsend, our resident manager with 20+ years experience in the equine industry. Our professional instructors and trainers, Bruce Gillion and Linda Hathaway, specialize in Reining, Western Performance, English Performance and Trail. You can check out their listings in the Instructor/Trainer section!

Visit our Facebook page and our website for comments from our established clients and additional information on our quality facility.

These tips have been provided by Kaufer DMC @