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Corrals to Competition - Documentary

The documentary follows Oregon horse trainer/clinician Stacey Riggs on her journey of adopting two wild mustangs and preparing them for competition.Starring: Stacey Riggs, Jodi Koc

EQUUS Film Festival

The Equus Film Festival is the first festival oriented around equestrian themed content from all over the world. The festival empowers storytellers to show the rich history and diverse tapestry of hor

Playing with Magic by Wayne Ewing

“Playing with Magic” explores how people are miraculously transformed by playing with horses. In the film (based on the book “Zen Mind, Zen Horse” by brain surgeon Dr. Allan Hamilton) cance

Taming Wild - The Movie

A Girl and a Wild Mustang. What if horses were given a choice?Would they let us ride them?See our website for Northwest showing dates.
You can obtain a copy of “The Fighting Breed”, the new documentary on Morgans in the Civil War by ordering the film at our website.

The Fighting Breed: Heroic Horses of the Civil War

“The Fighting Breed” tells of the accomplishments and tribulations of the Morgan horse in the Civil War. While the Morgan horse holds
Documentary following four friends as they adopt, train, and ride 16 wild mustangs from Mexico to Canada through the wildest terrain in the American West.


      On an epic 3,000-mile journey through the most pristine backcountry of the American West, four friends rode horseback across an almost contiguous stretch

V: The Legacy of Sheila Varian

Dive into this inspirational story of one of the world's most revered horse women and breeders. You'll follow her epic journey through adventures, trials, lessons and joys. But most of all, you'll