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Animal Ease Therapies - Kim Bauer

Nationally Certified in Equine Acupressure; Equine Massage (Maintenance, Performance and Rehabilitation); Horse Five Element Temperament Typing; Tui Na; Manual Ligament Therapy; Stress Point Therapy;
We specialize in medical grade veterinary thermography as means for early detection of hard to diagnose animal disease, lameness and injury cases.

ANIMAL INFRARED IMAGING Medical Grade Thermography - Tom Cernansky

We see where it hurts! Animal Infrared Imaging, Inc. specializes in medical grade thermography as means for early detection of animal disease, lameness and injury cases.

Dr. Suzan Seelye - Healing Heart Wholistic Veterinary Practice

Dr. Seelye is devoted to health and healing through non-toxic wholistic/holistic methods while addressing both body and mind. Her approach is effective for the treatment of all medical conditions,

Elite Equine Massage - Erin

From the beginning I have been impressed with the benefits of equine massage and body work. Whether competing professionally or plodded down the trails: massage has been shown to increase performan

Endeavor Equine Massage - Molly Brennan

When a horse is injured, either from a trauma or repetitive stress, their body adapts and compensates. These compensations compromise their true potential for movement and health. Bodywork can be h

Gently Healing Therapies Equine Massage - Martha Soriano

I often get a chuckle when I am asked what I do. "Horses need massage?" they ask. It is a resounding YES!One of the most common comments I get is " My horse was off, and now
Dr. Jaymie Rennert offering holistic healing services (chiropractic, acupuncture, energy healing, and herbs) to my small animal and equine patients! My equine practice will be ambulatory, and my small animal appointments will be at Arlington Veterinary Hospital.

Healing Hands Holistic Veterinary Care, PLLC - Dr. Jaymie Rennert

Dr. Jaymie Rennert  was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, graduating with honors from Western Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and a minor in Psychology. She the

Healing Wind Equine Therapy - Roxanne Fisher

My approach to my equine clients is centered, nurturing, and specific to the situation. If you are a horse person, you already know they are very sensitive and intuitive creatures, and actually res
Liza and Tia

Heart to Heart Healing - Liza Burney

Experience the benefits of energy healing. Liza offers In person and remote healing for you and your horse. Distance is no issue. Personal appointments support physical as well as mental/emotional

Hoof to Helmet Therapy - Dr. Moriarty

Dr. Moriarty has focused her career on the horse and rider. Certified in Chiropractic she can diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions on any rider. She also utilizes cold laser to help reduce