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Glassclaw Studio - Heather Sampson

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Heather Sampson

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Painting for me, is about discovery and letting each piece tell its own story.
The process is about listening, letting go, learning something new and enjoying the ride!

Heather Sampson grew up in Washington State, she traveled to Europe often in her childhood and while in the Military in her early 20’s. While in Europe she encountered various self taught artists and visited many well known art museums where she initially decided that it was time to take up art again. What inspired her were the many beautiful horses she saw while overseas, not just the breeds but the majesty and grace of the animal.

Commissions – With a nice, high quality photo where I can really see the eyes, and I will make you’re loved one come to life on paper. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime in the form of art. Using pastel pencils, I can create even the smallest details to make the animal stand out and look hyper realistic.
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