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Healing Wind Equine Therapy - Roxanne Fisher

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Roxanne Fisher, LAMP, LMP

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My approach to my equine clients is centered, nurturing, and specific to the situation. If you are a horse person, you already know they are very sensitive and intuitive creatures, and actually respond quickly to the caring hands of well-intended individuals.

When a horse is injured, either from trauma, or repetitive stress, their body adapts and compensates. These compensations compromise their true potential for movement and health. Bodywork can be highly effective in releasing restrictions that accumulate over time, returning the body to a more optimal function and balance.

The performance horse needs to be in top shape in order to do what we expect. The rigors of training and practice can take its toll, creating strains and other injuries.

The rider may require therapy as well. In riding, the seat becomes the foundation for both the stability of the rider, and the initiation of movement in the horse. This control opens the way to interactive communication between horse and rider. Ideally, the contact between the rider’s seat, the pelvic bones, and hip musculature will be deep, founded, and in symmetrical alignment. Unfortunately, throughout our lives, we have all undergone some traumas resulting in less than perfect lumbopelvic alignment. Any alignment issues are then transmitted to the horse through our seat. The horse is so accommodating that often, he merely reflects what is happening in the rider’s body. Therefore, I make myself available, on-site, to provide bodywork for the rider/trainer/handler, as well.

Whether you have a performance horse, trail riding horse, rescue or companion horse, they can all benefit from professional bodywork.

Contact Name Roxanne Fisher, LAMP, LMP
Email HealingWindMassage7@gmail.com
Business Address Darrington, WA 98241
Address Type Office
Office Phone 360-464-0714
Cell Phone 360-464-0714
Business Days Saturday, Sunday, Monday, flexible on other days
If Mobile, Counties Serviced

Northern Snohomish County, Southern Skagit County

If Mobile, Cities Serviced (approx)

Darrington, Oso, Arlington, Smokey Point, Rockport, Concrete, Sedro Wooley, Mt. Vernon, Burlington, Marysville, Lake Stevens

Services Offered
Connective Tissue
Massage Deep Tissue
Myofascial Release (MFR)
Licensed for Humans
Education and/or Accreditation

Northwest School of Animal Massage, Fall City, WA
Tamara Thomas, Equine Myofascial Release, Columbia, MO

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