Mules and Mustangs, Inc. - Bruce Deane

Date:January 14, 2016 9:11 am

Bruce brings 40 years of experience and knowledge to you.  I approach the horses with a common sense approach to establish and maintain a trusting relationship.   Can be as simple as keeping the hoof a little closer to the ground, to have less flex on the old mares hocks.  Or spending more time to build trust in a young horse.

For those horses that need a bit more, I can use meds from a vet, they are safe for pregnant mares and others.  Making it safe for them, as they are aware of what is happening, just relaxed.

My schedule and route are set up to accommodate many stops throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.   If you are in need of a farrier for this trip or another time hit me up, I'm based out of Spokane.

Contact Name Bruce Deane
Business Address Spokane, WA
Office Phone 509.230.8776
Business Days 7 days a week to accomidate your schedule.
If Mobile, Cities Serviced (approx)

Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho

If Primary Discipline(s) and/or Breed(s) Specific
Trail/Pleasure Riding
Miniature Horse
Services Offered
Basic Trimming
Basic Shoeing
Corrective Shoeing
Hoof Resection/Rebuild
Education and/or Accreditation

Over 40 years as a Farrier, I learned from my dad and a lifetime of experience.

Special Interests

I come from the Horseman's old school, establish trust and look at the welfare of the horse. Which in the long run makes it easier on both of us.