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Welsh Pony and Cob Society

 The Welsh breed is ideal for the growing child and has the spirit and endurance to challenge an adult. Today Welsh ponies and cobs can be found competing in nearly every discipline...h

Warmblood - The Swedish Warmblood Assoc. of North America

SWANA is the only official Swedish Warmblood registry in North America. SWANA licenses stallions for breeding and organizes an annual inspection tour of Swedi

Warmblood - The Oldenburg Horse Breeders' Society

The Oldenburg Horse Breeders' Society follows the strict standards for licensing and approval of breeding stallions established by the Oldenburg Verband in Germany. The goal of the Verband/Society

Warmblood - The American Holsteiner Horse Association

The American Holsteiner Horse Association was established in 1978 to assist breeders in producing quality horses with Holsteiner bloodlines. In North America, the American Holsteiner Horse Associat

Warmblood - The American Hanoverian Society

The American Hanoverian Society, Inc. is a Hanoverian breed organization which is directed by its own Board of Directors, elected by its U.S. membership and operating under by-laws voted upon by th

Warmblood - Oldenburg Registry North America & International Sporthorse Registry

The Oldenburg Registry North America and International Sporthorse Registry (ISR-Oldenburg NA) - was founded in 1983.  North America needs an independent Sport Horse Breed Organization which works

Warmblood - KWPN North America

The KWPN is one of the largest Warmblood studbooks in the world and has consistently placed at the top of the world rankings for jumping and dressage. In 1983, the Dutch Warmblood Studbook in

Warmblood - Belgian Warmblood

Anglo-Arabs and Europe's finest Warmbloods (Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Selle Francais and Dutch) with light agricultural horses. Today, the bloodlines of the BWP are among the best in the world bringi

Warmblood - American Warmblood Society

The American Warmblood Society (AWS) is an international, nonprofit Performance Sporthorse Registry whose main goal and purpose is to represent, promote, award and aid in the development of talente

Warmblood - American Warmblood Registry

As an organization founded to support and promote the breeding and enjoyment of American Warmblood Sporthorses, the American Warmblood Registry has developed a program of services designed to fulfi

Warmblood - American Trakehner Association

It has been said that the Trakehner has everything everybody is looking for in a performance horse, and indeed, the breed's list of attributes certainly leads one

Walking - Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder's and Exhibitor's Association

The Tennessee Walking Horse is shown under both English and Western tack and attire. There are divisions for both padded and flat shod horses in the show ring.The flat shod segment of the wa

Thoroughbred - The Jockey Club

The Jockey Club has pursued its mission as an organization dedicated to the improvement of Thoroughbred breeding and racing, and in the course of the ensuing 100-plus years it has earned widespread

The American Driving Society

The American Driving Society's mission is to promote the best interests of the sport of driving horses and ponies to carriages both competitively and for pleasure.

Suffolk - American Suffolk Horse Association

The homeland of the Suffolk horses is Norfolk and Suffolk counties. It is bordered on the north, east and south by the North Sea and on the west by the Fens. Isolated from their neighbors, the far

Standardbred - United States Trotting Association

 The U.S. Trotting Association is a not-for-profit association of Standardbred owners, breeders, drivers, trainers, and officials, organized to provide administrative, rulemaking, licensing and br

Sport Pony - North American Sportpony Registry

A North American Sportpony is a pony in the general range of 13.2-14.2 h that looks and moves like a small horse, capable of competing in the Olympic disciplines of Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing,

Shire - American Shire Horse Association

The Shire horse traces back to the “English Great Horse”, and the Great Horse in turn to Flemish horses brought to England during the 12th century. These Flemish horses were noted both for thei

Shetland - American Shetland Pony Club

Fanciers of Shetlands began importing these hardy little ponies from the Shetland Isles and Europe in the late 1800s. Immediately, the earliest enthusiasts embarked on a road to improve the quality

Saddlebred - Half American Saddlebred Registry of America

The Half American Saddlebred Registry of America was founded in 1971 by Roberta Nye Busch, who perceived a need for a recording organization when owners from other breeds bred mares to her American