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Horsezz is passionate about horses and equestrian sports. We provide a range of horse riding equipment and tack gear to provide safe and comfy riding. Looking for an equine facility near you? Here

Horses & Heels

Horses & Heels is an online lifestyle site for home, style, the barn and horse.Raquel Lynn lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband Adam and Pomeranian Mango. She loves cowboy b

Dr. K's Horse Sense

Eleanor Kellon, VMD of Equine Nutritional Solutions, Robesonia, Pennsylvania, is one of a handful of experts in the field of applications of nutraceuticals for horses. She is an authority in the fi

Where Art Meets Sport

Are you itching to tap into the artistic side of dressage and your own creativity– or maybe even join the “Dressage is NOT dull and boring” camp– but don’t know how or even where to begin

Cowboy Journal - A Mile In Our Boots

Stories are a basic human necessity, up there with food and shelter.The rodeo world is rich in stories too often untold.

A Yankee in Paris

A personal blog based on stories of my life as I meander through the horse world. From Thoroughbred farms to a doctorate, and everything in between.See my website and Facebook for more detai

The Equestrian Lifestyle Blog

An equestrian lifestyle blog dedicated to real horse girls! Get the scoop on news in the industry, fashion, practical reviews and everyday life hacks from the barn to real life.

Reflections on Horsemanship ~ Listening to the horse's perspective

Going beyond technique is an exploration. It begins with curiosity about ourselves, and extends to curiosity about our horse. It is sustained by seeking to step more into the perspective of our hor

The Hoof Blog - Fran Jurga

Hoofcare Publishing chronicles progress in the art and science of preventing, recognizing and treating lameness problems in horses. The Hoof Blog is written for and by the dedicated professionals f

Sass In Boots

Boots, Class, Country & Sass. A blog about life with dogs, a horse and a sense of humor.I’m a Pacific Northwest gal, born and raised, ten years ago I set off on an adventure that chang

The Wonderful Journeys of Sera the Horse and her Friends

Join Sera and her friends as they travel many of the Washington trails on this Facebook page. She shares their ride photos, with a description and some basic directions on how to get there, along w

NW Horse Forum

NW Horse Forum provides a place for horse enthusiasts to reach each other and share information. Please join our forum discussions or start a new topic on the forum.Forum members post their

Meditations on Equestrian Art

A blog about a Girl and Mustang. Following the adventures of Myrnah and Elsa, from the movie "Taming Wild" ( Project: One Mustang directly off the range, One Trainer,

Lucky Braids for Top Turnout

Join us to to raise the bar of horsemanship. Access best care practices of world class grooms that are proven safest and soundest. They are good for the horses, their people and the earth.

Born in a Barn

I’m just your average obsessive horse owner, spending countless watching friends ride in circles in the dust or rushing home elated to find the new Dover catalogue has arrived.I grew up wi

The Riding Instructor

Riding instructors are a fortunate group. We get to teach something we love to people who love the same thing. However, anything to do with horses is time intensive and costly, making it easy to ge

Champions of the Track

Champions of the Track is a page dedicated to the racehorses horses from the past and of the present.Check out our posts on facebook and take the time to like us for cool facts and pictures!