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These are primarily Northwest based group. Let us know of any others that should be added to this list.
NOTE: Facebook has prohibited the sale of animals via the platform for several years but in April 2019 the policy was updated and they began to actively enforce it. See the full details of the policy on the Facebook website. Here’s the most relevant part:
"As we strive to protect the welfare of animals against illicit trades, we cannot always ensure their safety in a peer-to-peer transaction. We will still allow such sales if posted by brick-and-mortar entities, animal rehoming, and adoption agencies and shelters. This is an update to our existing policy, which already prohibits the sale of endangered wildlife and their parts. We will continue working to keep both people and animals safe and also plan on providing new reporting options on Facebook so that people can report content that violates this policy."

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Horse Books for Grown Ups

This Facebook group is to promote horse books for grownups. Nothing against Young Adult, but sometimes us older ladies (!) want something a bit more mature. So please, freely plug your book here an

Horse Circuit Arlington WA

This group is for all Arlington, Stanwood, Lake Stevens and surrounding area horse owners or enthusiasts to connect. Whether you are looking to sell/trade tack, horses, equine services, or just wan

Horse Hauling

Facebook group with posts from horse haulers and hauls needed from all over the United States.Use do diligents in vetting the credentials, insurance, equipment used and experience.


This group is for professional DOT/MC compliant shippers and equine lovers in need of SAFE AND RELIABLE LEGAL TRANSPORTATION. Post are for transportation needed and post for legal shippers with spa

Horse Headshaking Syndrome

A platform for those concerned with Horse Headshaking SyndromeA group intended to support owners of headshaking horses. To allow the exchange of ideas,experiences and advice related to

Horse Health Discussion

This forum is designed to encourage discussion regarding horse health issues. Some members are veterinarians, farriers, bare foot trimmers, nutritionists or subject matter experts in various fields

Horse Shows in Washington

English, western, rated, 4-h, schooling, gaming play days , jumping, driving etc.

Horse Talk-Health Group

This group is for horse health. Anything horse health related is welcome. Ask questions and give others advice.This group is open to all horse owners and lovers, interested in promoting the

Horse Trailer & Related Truck Reviews

Over here we will talk about our trailers & towing vehicles. Our biggest rule is to be respectful to all who post. Answer the question the poster has asked and if you feel you have a commentary

Horse Trailer Conversion

This is a group on FacebookHere's a place where you can share information about how to convert a front dressing room of your horse trailer into cozy living quarters. How to insulate, attach

Horse Trailer Conversion II

Welcome to Horse Trailer Conversion II. Here is a page where you can share your ideas and ask questions on how to convert your front dressing room into a living quarters. This group is for both bum

Horse Trailer Conversion Parts, Sales, and Service

A place where you can Barter, Sell, give away anything relating to Lq' Remodels, Trailers, Trailer Equipment, any thing horse related crafts, Saddles, Phone holders.

Horse Trailers Customized for Carriages and/or Camping

This is a group on Facebook for Riders and Drivers who Camp with their trailers.There are some great ideas and lots of support for your next project!

Horse Trailers for Sale - Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana

This group is for those looking to buy and sell horse trailers located in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana.Please no trailers beyond these states!

Horse Vet Corner

Horse Vet Corner is a place to ask questions of veterinarians and get a veterinary perspective on your horse's medical and health needs. Only vets answer questions or provide comments, not members

Horse's for sale in: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona

Buy and Sell If you post on site. Must have. Horse paper name, Age, Location, Price, Pedigree.

HVC: Coping With The Loss Of A Horse Support Group

Have you or someone you know recently lost a horse? The pain of losing one’s best equine pal is a very real thing.There is no one right path to grieve the loss of a horse, The purpose of this gro

Idaho Horse Community

This Group is dedicated to HONESTY and Honest horse folk. It is open only to horse related posts. This is a group for discussion of horses, training tips, ISO ads, horses needing to hitch rides, ta

Ingenious Horse Care Tips from Seasoned Horse People

Ingenious Horse Care Tips from Seasoned Horse People: We are a group of seasoned horsemen that have unique and ingenious ideas to save time, work better and faster but still offering the best care

King County Executive Horse Council

The King County Executive Horse Council is an umbrella organization, uniting horsemen of all breeds and interests. The KCEHC supports the horse industry and equestrian way of life by advocating for