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These are primarily Northwest based group. Let us know of any others that should be added to this list.
NOTE: Facebook has prohibited the sale of animals via the platform for several years but in April 2019 the policy was updated and they began to actively enforce it. See the full details of the policy on the Facebook website. Here’s the most relevant part:
"As we strive to protect the welfare of animals against illicit trades, we cannot always ensure their safety in a peer-to-peer transaction. We will still allow such sales if posted by brick-and-mortar entities, animal rehoming, and adoption agencies and shelters. This is an update to our existing policy, which already prohibits the sale of endangered wildlife and their parts. We will continue working to keep both people and animals safe and also plan on providing new reporting options on Facebook so that people can report content that violates this policy."

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Vashon Island Equestrian

Horse-related information, events, and discussions for Vashon Island residents.

WA Equine Cushing's Collaborative

A place for people in Washington State whose horses have been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease (Pitutary Pars Intermediate Dysfunction or PPID) to gather together and share information on the disea

Washington Arabian Horse and Tack

Finally a place where be can buy, sell, trade, and browse everything Arabian specific to Washington! Everyone be respectful, sales are for anything pertaining to Arabians (pony, cob, arab siz

Washington Kid's Horses For Sale

A place to buy and sell kid's horses in Washington. Also, feel free to post tack and horse related events for kids! Please put location and price in all sale ads.

Washington Mules for sale trade or adopt

Post mule's for sale, trade or wanted. Also this site is open to questions and positive answers regarding mules! Mule tack only may be listed.Be sure to review the group description on the F

Washington State Games And Barrel Races

Post Game and Barrel races, no other ads please!

Washington State Horses for Sale

NOTE:  This Facebook page is no longer be available.  Facebook has rules against selling animals/livestock/horses.

Washington State Show Horses Discussion/Availability

This is a group dedicated to show horses ,show tack and Show horse prospects . Must be registered.Thanks!

West Coast Equine Hauling

This group is for anyone that is planning a haul or needs a horse hauled.Make sure you indicate if you are hauling a "Clean" or "Dirty" load.If your looking for hauling make sure you

Western WA Equine Services Available

Facebook Closed GroupDescription Forum for posting your Western WA Services available or wanted! From stallion's at stud to farriers and boarding, post it here!

Whidbey Island Equine Network

A resource for all your Island Equine needs.

Zimectrin Gold / Eqvalan / Quest Wormer Paste Adverse Reaction

This page is informational only!Please share your experiences with Merial's Zimecterin Gold/Eqvalan and tell us about the reactions your horse has experienced. Pictures and videos are welcom