Earth Treasure Farm / Equine Harmony Connection

Date:March 27, 2022 8:48 am

At Equine Harmony Connection we practice reward based training and follow the ethics of humane hierarchy using the least intrusive, effective principle. Our constructional training approach utilizes modern positive reinforcement science based horsemanship methods. We strive to be a role model in promoting +R training for the welfare of the horse. Reward based training benefits gaited horses, donkeys, stallions, minis, and those with severe behavior issues and mental trauma.
-Services offered-
*Reward based horsemanship coaching/ lessons - mobile service serving Salem to Eugene and surrounding foothills in Oregon
*Tutorial step by step video library
*Video analysis
*Phone consultation
*Live demonstrations

Contact Name Mary
Business Address Philomath OR
Office Phone 5419292457
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If Discipline/Breed Specific Clicker, +R, Positive Reinforcement, Trick, Resistance/ force free, Gaited