Hooks Leather & Tack

Date:March 17, 2015 3:35 pm

I’ve been doing leather crafting for about twenty years.

My work includes the handcrafting of custom and specialty items including:

Other Leather items: scabbards, chaps, chinks, farrier aprons, lumber mill aprons, welding aprons, belts, dog collars, and dog harnesses.

Leather Repair: Restoration of antique saddles as well as normal repairs to modern tack

Almost all of my crafting is custom so please call me with your requirements and I’ll respond with a price quote.

Contact Name Chuck Hooks
Business Address 5605 146th St SW, Edmonds WA 98026
Office Phone (425) 743-6387
Cell Phone (425) 772-7665
Website http://www.chuckhooks.com
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