Horse Camp Panels

Date:December 21, 2015 9:37 am

Joie Manufacturing is fabricating portable horse camp panels, panel hangers, trailer parts and various related items.

These panels are made of solid steel tubing and can still be able to taken apart and put right up on top of your trailer, or easily loaded by youth riders, to the side of any trailer!  Every single bar on my panels are tested to bear 150 lbs or more each! When these pens are set up an adult can easily climb over them with no fear of breaking them. If a panel is dropped there is no fear of shattering, or having them shear into a knifes blade sharp edge or point.  These pens are repairable, and panels are easily replaceable. All welds come with my craftsmanship guarantee.  If a weld fails due to something I did, (or didn't do) I will replace it or repair it for free when presented back at my shop. Forever.

Coming soon trailer hay racks with safety ladders.

Business Address 5010 W. Chestnut Ave. C24-26 Yakima WA. 98908
Office Phone 509-969-9477
Business Days Most Mondays-Friday, call to confirm.
Business Hours 9AM to 4:30PM
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