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Horse Play Your Way

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We are pleased to welcome new faces at our facility, whether you would like to join us as a spectator, join us for a clinic, spend a week for some extra TLC and develop a training program or come stay in our quality care boarding centre. We have a very welcoming sense of community at our semi-private facility as most of the horse owners that reside there are all with us to enjoy their horses in all aspects of the horse industry. These horse owners are all passionate about their animals and enjoy being able to choose from such a variety of activities to do year-round on their own doorstep!

We offer private lessons for riders to grow their skills and improve your horse’s training in a comfortable one-on-one setting. It is a chance to ask a lot of questions, to get a better feel, troubleshoot training issues and accomplish a more direct connection to your horse. As you build your horse’s training it is beneficial to have an educated eye on the ground to relay the information that can fill in the “grey” areas that we all encounter in the training process. For the rider we help improve position, clarify communication, learn the “how..”, and “why..” ,of riding, as well as help build a better commitment and work ethic in our equine partner.

Our program is definitely unique to the horse industry for training options.
We have put together an all-inclusive package for it to be a more economical option for the average horse enthusiast.

We offer a wide variety of clinics for all disciplines. See our website for more details. 


Contact Name Natalie
Email info@horseplayyourway.com
Barn Address 4671 256 Street, Aldergrove, BC
Office Phone 604-309-6873
Website http://www.horseplayyourway.com
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/HorsePlayYourWay
Instructor/Training Disciplines
Cattle Events
Performance English
Lesson/Professional Services
Lessons Private
Training Services
General Training
Box Stalls
Covered Arena
Hot/Cold Wash Rack
Round Pen
Stall Mats
Tack Lockers
Education and/or Accreditation

Throughout her 33 years Natalie has immersed herself all aspects of the horse world. She has learned from the various riding disciplines and searched for experiences in many equine activities.
Working as a Veterinary assistant, created an opportunity to further her knowledge in equine health care and specialized injury rehabilitation.
Natalie has worked with cattle in a variety of settings and with some of the top trainers and professionals in the industry.

Special Interests

Natalie has taken every opportunity to expand her knowledge and ride under many gifted trainers in: dressage, jumping, saddleseat, driving, natural horsemanship, reining, cutting, team penning, and ranch horse instruction. She sees learning as a life long adventure and the horse as an amazingly rewarding partner and teacher along the way.