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Kryo Kinetics USA LLC

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“The Alpha-Angel Horse Identification System”

Horse owners have reason to be concerned over the best way to identify their horses. The need for identification that is visible, individual, permanent, unalterable, humane and compatible with modern technology has been accomplished through the Alpha Angle freeze marking process.

 Some of the benefits of freeze marking are:

  • Quickly locate the owner in case of a loose horse from fencing/barn mishaps, natural disasters and more.
  • Allow future owners to contact you when other forms of the horses ID have been misplaced.
  • Aid in prevention of theft.
 Many top breed associations and the Bureau of Land Management highly support this method of identification.   All the horse’s information is kept in hard files, as well as stored digitally.  The information can be sent electronically to those needing information quickly on a recovered horse. 
Help protect your horse with a Alpha-Angel Freeze Mark using the technology of today!

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