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LMF Feeds

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208-549-4120 or 800-344-0563

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LMF Feeds is dedicated to production of high quality horse feeds for horsemen in the Western and Southwestern United States.

Who We Are
Since 1981, LMF Feeds has been dedicated to providing high quality horse feeds for horsemen of the western United States. With cooperation of two independently owned product facilities, one in Spokane, WA and one in Keyes, CA. LMF produces feeds for all equine disciplines, with emphasis upon using only the finest ingredients, and by using more bio-available ingredients, along with concentration of key nutrients, LMF horse feeds can be fed at relatively low intake levels.

Leading The Way
LMF has led the way in producing feed formulas that account for the excellent quality of forages in the West, along with accounting for differences between alfalfa compared to grass forages in many formulas. A primary focus has and will continue to be providing true value to you the horse owner for every pound of LMF Horse Feed fed to your horse.

Check out our ‘Feed Advisor’ on our website for suggestions of the optional feed for your horse.

Email lmffeeds@q.com
Business Address P.O Box 470 Weiser, ID 83672
Office Phone 208-549-4120 or 800-344-0563
Fax Number 208-549-4123
Website http://lmffeeds.com
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/LMFFeeds
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