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Running Wild

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Stella Davis (Dorian Brown), a California Ranch Socialite, is thrown into a world of chaos when her husband dies unexpectedly and she discovers that they are in financial ruin. Her husband has secretly mortgaged their massive acreage, the Double Diamond Ranch, to keep them afloat and she has ninety days until the creditors will come calling. She must decide whether to address her adversity head on or quit and let the bank have the land that has been in her family’s name for four generations.

After a good old-fashioned pity party, Stella stumbles upon her great grandmother’s diaries. Stella finds inspiration in the tales of the dramatic obstacles her ancestors endured when first securing the land hundreds of years ago. Stella decides that she must dig deep within herself and find the grit to persevere. She has to abandon her days of leisure and actually get her hands dirty. Her ranch manager, Brannon Bratt (Jason Lewis), is there to educate her on the day to day of the Double Diamond Estate.

While on an exploration through the property, Stella discovers a herd of sickly wild horses that have broken through a fence and are grazing on her land. Bratt explains that it is a federal crime to feed or water the animals; Stella should get them to go out the way they came. She refuses to accept this. She can’t bare the thought of their continued suffering, so she breaks the law and brings them food and water.

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