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Scott Hardy - Silver & Goldsmith

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Scott Hardy

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A full-time silversmith and engraver since 1981, Scott has been honored by the Academy of Western Artists, receiving the 2001 Will Rogers Award as Engraver of the Year.

“Embellishing horse and rider with precious metals is a tradition as old as man on horseback. Crossing tribal and cultural boundaries, silver and gold trappings have expressed the pride of horsemen throughout the millennia. The image of the cowboy still stirs our ideals of independence, integrity and freedom, while appreciation of things well-made, by hand, flourishes in this age of mass production and mediocrity.

Contact Name Scott Hardy
Email scott@scotthardy.com
Business Address P.O. Box 40, Longview, Alberta Canada T0L 1H0
Office Phone 403-558-2337
Fax Number 403-558-2337
Website http://scotthardy.com
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/ScottHardySilverGoldsmith/
Education and/or Accreditation

In 1994, he won Best of Show at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. In 2001 he won the Will Rogers Award for Engraver of the Year. In 2006, Scott was invited to the Smithsonian as a representative of Western Heritage and Craftsmanship in Alberta. In 2009, one of his three piece buckle sets was chosen to be displayed at an international craft exhibition in South Korea. In 2012, Scott was chosen to make the limited edition belt buckle for the Calgary Stampede’s Centennial. The buckle ended up appearing on a Canadian postal stamp.