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Team TheraPlate - Jessica Lyman

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Jessica Lyman

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 Get a free trial from Team TheraPlate, an independent distributor of the TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platform. The “TheraPlate” is a low-impact tool for rehabilitation and conditioning used by top barns across the world.

After several years of amazing results at our boarding stable (Traumhof), we decided to help distribute this great product.

The “TheraPlate” utilizes a low-amplitude orbital motion for rehabilitation and sports conditioning. The platform’s motion causes the muscles to rhythmically contract and release, relaxing the tissues while enhancing muscle tone and increasing circulation. The increased circulation, in turn, has a plethora of benefits, ranging from improved healing rates of many soft-tissue injuries to better hoof growth to increasing bone density.

Several sizes of platforms are available, ranging from a 2′ x 2′ unit for humans and/or small animals to stand on up to a 3′ x 7′ unit for horses.

See our website or Facebook page for additional information.

Contact Name Jessica Lyman
Email jessica@teamtheraplate.com
Business Address 32040 NE 112th St, Carnation, WA 98014
Office Phone 206-300-8702
Website http://teamtheraplate.com/
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/TeamTheraplate
If Primary Discipline(s) and/or Breed(s) Specific
All welcome!
Services Offered
Education and/or Accreditation

See website for list of vibration studies and the results!

Special Interests

Whether the horses recognize the benefits or just like how it makes them feel, it's clear that they enjoy using the TheraPlate - they eagerly rush to it, step up onto the plate, and stand happily for the duration of their session. We (and many of our clients, visitors, farriers, etc) also enjoy using the TheraPlate ourselves to help relax sore muscles, tight backs, tired feet, and everything else that comes along with a horse farm!

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