Premium Listing Tutorial

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If you have not already done so, take a few minutes to review ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Q & A’s’.

Click to view the Premium Listing Video Tutorial, which is more detailed then written tutorial and simplifies creating or editing your listing.

Written Tutorial for creating a Premium Listing

  1. Register/login at to create an account, located upper right on Directory ‘Add A Listing’ page.
  2. Login to your account and click ‘Create Listing’.
  3. On the ‘Add A Listing’ page click the Premium Listing green ‘Create Listing’ button.
  4. You will need to “Make a Form Selection”. Click drop-down arrow to view options to view options of:
    – Alternative/Integrative Medicine
    – Boarding
    – Farrier/Trimmer
    – Instructor/Trainer
    – General Business
    – Veterinarian
  5. Not sure which form applies to you? View the Example Deluxe Listings for some features of each form (on the Add A Listing page).  To view the complete form; scroll down to #3 ‘Additional Information’ and open. To view another form, close window and repeat.
  6. Complete each numbered section as noted and click then ‘Save Listing’. Review details of your listing and double check that live links work correctly, images click through, and the overall appearance of your listing using the rich text to customize.
  7. After clicking ‘Save Listing’ your listing will be in a pending status and not viewable in the Directory.
  8. After you process online payment or coupon your listing will appear ‘Live’ in the general Directory. 

For Editing a Premium Listing

  1. Login to your Account.
  2. Click on ‘My Website Listing’ to open.
  3. Click on ‘Edit the Listing’
  4. Complete each numbered section as noted and click ‘Save Listing’. Review details of your listing, double check that live links open correctly and image displays on category preview page.


  • Read the all the print tips in the Listing Form.  Use of laptop or desktop makes navigation easier when editing.
  • You may login and edit your listing at any time.
  • To temporarily remove your listing from displaying in the directory, un-click the ‘Category’ selection and save.  Listing will still be accessible when Directory ‘Search’ box is used and in your account ‘My Website Listings’.
  • You may have more then one listing and varied listing levels.

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Premium Listing offers:words

  • Nine Photos with captions
  • 300 Word Profile with rich text customizing
  • YouTube or Vimeo Video Link
  • Contact Information
  • Website Live Link
  • Social Media Live Links
  • Recommend Button
  • Google Maps

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