5 Tips for a Directory Listing that Gets Read…and Results

  1. Write like you talk. Your NW Equine listing should be an accurate reflection of you and your business. So be you! Be authentic and real. Let your voice come through in the words that potential customer will read on the screen. It will make for much better reading, trust me!
  1. Write about what they care about, not you. You might want to go on and on about your business and how great you are and how long you’ve been in business, but that’s not what a potential customer cares about and it’s really only interesting to you. Your potential customers care about themselves and the problem they are trying to solve, and the sooner you start talking about what they care about, the sooner they’ll listen and the more interested they will be.
  1. Write to them, not at them. Picture one person in your mind, and write your directory listing as if you were writing it personally to that one person. That will help you write to your potential customers and not at them.
  1. Address their concerns. If you’re a farrier, talk about the concerns horse owners might have about their horses’ hoof care and how you help. If you have a boarding facility, address the concerns someone might have about boarding their horse and how you take care of that. They are much more interested in how you will help them with their concerns than they are interested in your education and training. Not that you shouldn’t talk about those things, because you should. Just don’t make those the main topics you include in your listing.
  1. Be specific. Specifics almost always communicate better than generalities. So be specific.
  1. Read it out loud. If something doesn’t sound good when read out loud, it doesn’t read well either. Before you finalize your listing, polish it until it reads well out loud.


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These tips are shared with you by Sharon at We Know Words