Getting Started and Q & A’s

Let’s get you started!

There are three levels of listings General, Deluxe, and Premium to select from.

  1. Explore listing examples and features on the Add A Listing page, along with listings in the Directory.
  2. Print the corresponding written tutorial, shown below.
  3. View the video tutorial, link shown below and on tutorial page.
  4. Scan the tips shown below the tutorials and get started!

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General Listing  –  Deluxe Listing  –  Premium Listing

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General Listing  –  Deluxe Listing  –  Premium Listing

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 Here are some actual directory listings that will give you ideas for more impact from your listing.

Note the use of images with captions offering details about the businesses and your personality.  What images do they select. How do they use the rich text features (bold, italics & more) to drive home details in the business description.

 Alternative|Integrative Medicine  –  Boarding  –  Farrier|Trimmer  –  Farrier|Trimmer –  General Business  –  Gifts  –  Home & Living  –  Instructor|Trainer  –  Instructor|Trainer  –   VeterinarianVeterinarian

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Listing Tips

Q & A’s

Do a quick scan and return as needed.

Use a desktop computer to create your listing. 

The larger screen greatly simplifys the creation of your listing.  After listing is completed and you are familiar with the listing layout you may use a mobile device for monitoring or simple edits.

Reminder that we are here to assist you with creation of your listing and can start your listing for you, just contact us.

There are 140 categories, with the option for selecting multiple categories.

However, should you have a listing that bridges two professions/categories, i.e. Riding Instructor and Insurance, create two separate listings to clearly promote details of that business.

A Deluxe listing will allow you promote details about your instruction and while the General listing would appropriate for your insurance business.

How many listings can you have under one account?

You can have several listings that are the same level listing or a combination of levels (General – Deluxe – Premium).

When is my listing ‘live’ and visible in the Directory?

Your General Listing will be live after an admin review. You will be notified by email or listing message system.

Deluxe and Premium Listings will be live after you process payment or coupon code at PayPal checkout.

This gives you time and the flexibility to create, edit, even delete and start over.

How do I temporarily remove my listing from Directory?

Uncheck the category and save.  The listing will no longer display in the Directory, however, should someone do a specific Business Name search it will display.

Does a question in the Listing Form not apply to you.

Leave that text field or click box blank and it will not appear in your final listing.

My website or social media link in not functioning in my saved listing.

Check that you have copied the full ULR,, from your browser window.  Or that you do not have two https:// shown in the link.

My Listing will not save.

Check that you have not exceeded the text word count in the Description field, counter displayed at bottom of field. General 80 words, Deluxe 175 word, and Premium 300 words.

My Listing did not save.

Check the connectivity of your internet connection.  Should you have slow or intermittent internet, start your listing with name, some general text in description, complete some of #3Additional Information and Save Listing.  Once your listing in is your account you will be able to open and edit a little bit at time.

My photos are slow to or will not load.

This listing program is set up for images that are not larger then 2MP, pixel size of 1200 x 1200.  High resolution, larger images will need to be resized.

The acceptable photo file formats are  jpg, gif, and png.  Photos of other file formats will be unable to load.

Why are my photos showing the photo file name in the caption.

Uploaded images will retain the file name until the caption is edited by you in the caption box.  Edit Listing returning to Photo section and type in your captions. Reminder: captions do NOT have spell check.

After saving My Listing the whole page is blank, like a sheet of white paper.

Your photo(s) exceeded the allowed image size.  This happens when photos are extremely large i.e. 4000 x 4000 in size.  Contact Audrey to re-size your images, your listing will then appear.

My photo does not display on the category Preview page, but does display when I open my listing.

Click Edit Listing, open the Photo tab and to the right of your primary image click the gold star. The gold star is the indicator for primary image.

Do you need to delete/change an photo in a General Listing.

After clicking the trash can icon, save your listing.  Then click Edit Listing, open the Photo tab to upload your replacement image. Remember to click the gold star to indicated your image.

My Listing share on Facebook is displaying the previous primary photo.

Once you post a listing into Facebook that image is remembered by FB.  After changing your listing primary image you will need to ‘debug’ the listing.  Click to open and add your listing URL  or contact us to do for you.

Double check your listing.

Your listing is your brand, your brand tells viewers who you are, what you value, and what you have to offer.

I’m not familiar with computers enough to make my own listing?

Contact us!  We are happy to get your listing started for you, walk you through the process or even create your listing for you. We are here to assist you as your success is our success!

Let’s get started!

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General ListingDeluxe ListingPremium Listing

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