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Connected Riding - Peggy Cummings

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Peggy Cummings

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From years of classical training and research of various riding styles, Peggy Cummings has developed Connected Riding® methods to achieve freedom of movement and self-carriage for both horse and rider. Her technique is based on reciprocal connection rather than force; it enhances performance through better communication.

Connected Riding® teaches you to ride from the inside (by feeling), to the outside (by action). It provides you with an awareness of body and movement that empowers you to move in harmony with the horse. It teaches you how to influence the horse’s movement through an elastic connection, allowing you to let go of compressive, energy-draining techniques. Through a series of ground and mounted exercises, it shows you how to use the rhythm of your own body to lead your horse to enhanced performance.

Peggy Cummings has a passion about positively changing the way riding is usually taught. We have a small group of certified Connected Riding instructors and practitioners who are teaching Connected Riding throughout the world.

See the Connected Riding website for a listed of Instructors/Practitioner in Oregon, B.C. and Alberta.

Interested in becoming a Connected Riding Practitioner? Our primary goal is to provide learning and training experiences for teachers so that they are competent in their transfer of knowledge to their students. Once a person is accurate in the content and applications of the work, they will be able to quickly improve through practice and experience. It is most important that the foundations of Connected Riding are learned to a level of satisfactory proficiency.


Contact Name Peggy Cummings
Business Address McMinnville, OR
Office Phone 360.981.2817
Website http://www.connectedriding.com
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Connected Riding
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