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Farriery - Hans H. Castelijns

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++39 0575 614335

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Hans Castelijns works as a professional farrier since 1987 and as a veterinarian, specialized in equine podiatry, since 1999, working on a wide variety of horses, which include thorough- and standard breds, mares, foals and yearlings in stud farms, race, endurance and show Arabs, show jumpers, international dressage and reining horses.

Beside his equine podiatry practice, which includes referral and consulting, he teaches specialisation courses in his field, both to farriers and veterinarians; courses which have been attributed with continuing education credits for veterinarians, among others, in Germany and Austria.

Hans is a frequent speaker at international conferences and seminars, having been invited in this capacity to 22 countries.

Business Address Valecchie n°11/A, 52040 Cortona (Ar)- Italy
Office Phone ++39 0575 614335
Cell Phone ++39 333 7716663
Website http://www.farriery.eu/
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