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Horse and Mule Gear - Chris Tornow

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Chris and Matt
800-435-9744 or 360-435-3889

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Chris Tornow Saddles & Pack Equipment where we “Specialize in Equipment for the Backcountry Horseman.” Pack equipment is not a sideline for us, it is the focus of our business. For over 20 years we have worked to refine and improve what we have to offer, using our own experience and feedback from our customers.

Whether you ride strictly for enjoyment or make your living in the backcountry,
functional & reliable equipment can enhance that experience. And it sure doesn’t hurt if it looks good, too. We want to be a part of helping you enjoy your backcountry experience by providing equipment you can count on to do the job.

Some of what you will find on our website when viewing our backcountry catalog.

  • Tornow Pack Saddles
  • Panniers, Top Packs, and Accessories
  • Packing Accessories
  • Wool Saddle Pads
  • Riding Accessories
  • Packing Accessories
  • High Line Equipment

If you are in the Arlington area and would like to stop by the shop to see our gear in person we would love to have you visit.  Give us a call or email.

Contact Name Chris and Matt
Business Address P.O. Box 364 Arlington,WA 98223
Office Phone 800-435-9744 or 360-435-3889
Website http://www.horseandmulegear.com