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KINEQUUS PADS™ use a unique technology, forming an orthotic imprint of your saddle as it sits on an individual horse.

Kinequus custom orthotic pads use an exciting technology new to the saddle pad industry. Thermo-mouldable technology is the key ingredient to ensuring the creation of an optimal, customized pad. When heated to a specific temperature these materials mould to the space between your horse and saddle, filling in all the gaps and protecting against areas of pressure. The impression is permanent once cooled.

The end result is a custom orthotic fit between the wool felt and the bottom of your saddle. The custom orthotic impression ensures an even distribution of pressure between the rigid underside of your saddle and the dynamic surface of your horse’s back. The moulded material retains its ability to absorb shock over the now perfectly symmetrical surface under your saddle. These properties coupled with the assets of SAE standardized wool felt mean unsurpassed comfort for your horse, allowing for unrestricted and uninhibited movement, ride after ride.

Every saddle and every horse is unique. You might get a saddle to fit your horse at one point in time, but your horse is dynamic, may gain or lose weight over time, or may not be perfectly symmetric in the first place.  Simply contact your Kinequus representative to schedule a re-fit to accommodate your horses changed topline. 

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Email kinequus@gmail.com
Mailing Address PO Box 235, Didsbury, AB, T0M 0W0
Office Phone 403-650-6144
Website http://www.kinequus.com/
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/kinequus
Twitter Link https://twitter.com/kinequus
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Kinequus was formed when two veterinarians partnered to develop a new idea that promises to ultimately revolutionize saddle pads. The ambition is to create products of unsurpassed quality, increasing the well-being of the equine athlete without compromise.

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Much like the difference in getting wlt_field orthopedic insoles vs. insoles from your local pharmacy, with Kinequus pads you are getting a true wlt_field orthotic pad. This process simply cannot be made ready off the shelf or produced for ‘mass marketing.’ Our unique materials must be heated thoroughly and fitted correctly to ensure optimal performance.

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