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LB Arrow Cinch Co.

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All LB Arrow Cinch Co. cinches are hand tied out of 100% natural mohair with the option of brass or stainless steel hardware. Shoo-flies can be added to any cinch for and additional cost.
The bright and vibrant colors add a modern twist on a traditional art perfected by buckaroos and vaqueros and there’s a reason that mohair tack is still heavily sought after!
LB Arrow Cinch Co. cinches and breast collars provide comfort and durability made of only the highest quality mohair. Because mohair is a natural fiber it doesn’t rub, irritate or gall a horse and provides just a little bit of stretch so your horse can comfortable expand his rib cage. All while providing breathability and moisture wicking comfort to your hard working horse instead of trapping heat like neoprene.
Because mohair is natural fiber it doesn’t get stiff when dirty and should be cleaned with a soft brush, quick spray of the hose or a dunking in water. Regular cleaning prevents dirt build up and extends the life and integrity of your cinch. Hair can be left in the cinch.
Unlike rayon and cotton your cinch will retain its shape and wont stretch and warp even when wet, providing comfortable and even distribution of pressure. Rayon cinches have been known to stretch 3″ in the first 20 minutes of riding and warp so badly that center rings are no longer centered and that the whole balance of the cinch is off.
Any cinch or breast collar is customizable; we have many colors, hardware, and design options and we’re happy to make the cinch and/or breast collar of your dreams.

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Contact Name Brie
Email lbarrowdesign@gmail.com
Website https://lbarrowcinchco.com/about
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/lbarrowdesign
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