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Jim Hutt

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PrimeBed Premium Horse and Livestock “Flax” Bedding. The Better Way To Bed. Completely Dust Free, Unique Absorption Properties, Performs Like No Other Bedding.

“I was in search for an alternative bedding source when Jim approached me with this new product called PrimeBed. A new concept in North America but relatively old in Europe which gave me confidence that this was a time tested product. After a brief conversation with Jim and making some calculations we realized that it was more cost effective and time saving to use PrimeBed over the standard 40 lb bag of pelleted bedding.
After a month trial with my four year old and active Quarter Horse gelding I found the benefits of using PrimeBed went beyond just cost effectiveness. The trial was during a very wet period here on the West Coast between January and February. What I found was that PrimeBed absorbed none of the atmospheric moisture that the wood pellets did, it always remained light and fluffy. Even during that period all I found necessary to top up was one bag per week, which was quick and easy as I merely had to open the bag and spread.  NO SOAKING and waiting for the pellets to fluff up, no heavy wheelbarrow. My gelding seemed to be more rested as well as it was easy to keep a deeper bed and hence more comfortable for him to lie down. More rested meant better performance.
I am so grateful for being introduced to this new bedding. I plan on switching all my horses to PrimeBed !”

-Heidi Schalla,
Abbotsford, BC Canada

Currently available in B.C. Canada and coming to the U.S.

Let your feed store know you would like to try PrimeBed.

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Contact Name Jim Hutt
Email Primebed@shaw.ca
Business Address Chilliwack B.C. Canada
Office Phone 604.316.3937
Website http://www.primebed.ca/
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/primebed.ca