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The Dragster by Conterra Arena Rakes and Groomers, Starting at $799.00USD

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The Dragster is one of seven arena maintenance products designed and manufactured by Conterra Arena Rakes and Groomers. Conterra’s Arena Dragster is designed to pull behind ATVs, UTVs, Garden and Compact Tractors. They feature our revolutionary Depth Control System that allows you to easily and consistently control your arena depth over the entire surface. Combined with other features on the Dragster you will have a consistent level area.

See our website and Facebook page for additional information.

Contact Name Sales
Email sales@conterraindustries.com
Business Address 26 Spruce Park Drive, Strathmore AB T1P1J2
Office Phone 877-947-2882
Business Days Mon - Fri,
Business Hours 8AM - 5PM, MST
Website http://www.conterraindustries.com
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/conterra.arenarakes.groomers/
Education and/or Accreditation

Conterra Industries Inc. has been building attachments since the mid 1990’s. Our product line has now grown to over 150 attachments. Conterra is committed to designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative products that meet the needs of our wlt_fielders. Our comprehensive manufacturing facility is continually evolving to improve the quality and workmanship of every aspect of our products.

Special Interests

All Conterra products rely heavily on the use of laser cutting technology. This technology is utilized to create our tongue and grove styled GRIDLOCK Manufacturing Technique. Instead of simply butting two pieces of metal together and welding them, Conterra’s use of our GRIDLOCK Manufacturing Technique allows us to assemble and build products of the superior strength and quality required to meet the needs of our wlt_fielders working in the demanding job sites of today.
You will find Horse folks at Conterra Arena that understand your equine needs.

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