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Ecovet is an entirely new type of fly spray for horses – and it works!Tested/endorsed by veterinarians – a veterinarian-owned company Real alternative to toxic pesticides like pyre

Fly Off

Fly Off Fly Spray Misting Systems for your barn, kennel, or home. Safe, effective, natural fly deterrent system using Pyrethrum, a natural product made from the chrysanthemum plant. Used on thousan

Mole Hills Gone Forever

Family, Pet, and Planet Friendly Simple, Chemical Free and GuaranteedSee our website for more information and testimonials!

Rescue Fly Traps

Rescue makes your farm a No-Fly Zone!Find at your local feed, hardware store, or order online. We do it in the most environmentally responsible, effective, and low-maintenance way possible.

Spalding Fly Predators

Today in our 40th year of business, Fly Predators have become the preferred method of fly control for all types of animal owners and others with an abundance of rotting organic matter that creates


The TurtleNeck® concept was developed to provide a more comfortable fitting for the many unique shapes of horses. Our elastic neckline conforms to the shape of the horse and comfortably snugs up t