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Kathy Farrokhzad


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We aren’t all superstar riders with superstar horses, riding in the super events with super accolades coming our way. But that doesn’t stop us from riding the best we can, putting as much time and effort into riding as possible (within our “real life” constraints and scheduling) and loving our horses. For some of us, striving to be a better rider must become a lifelong aspiration that develops only in proportion to the resources we have in our own backyards.

This blog is especially for people who spend time with horses because of their passion, attraction and love for the horse. You will find a myriad of articles here – some “how to” posts, some thought-provoking posts and even some playing around posts, celebrating our equine friends in every way.

“Kathy Farrokhzad is a talented writer. She has a unique ability to write about dressage and horse training in general. The principles of dressage seem very complicated and overwhelming. Kathy has a special gift in communicating the concepts clearly and logically without making it seem like rocket science. I love her Horse Listening Blog and the book is a must have for dressage riders or riders of any equine discipline who want to learn effective and humane riding techniques that can improve the human-equine relationship, be more effective in their cues and free a horse’s potential for flowing and powerful movement.”

– Barbara 5 star Amazon review— Ba

Contact Name Kathy Farrokhzad
Email fwdnrnd@gmail.com
Website http://horselistening.com
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Horse-Listening/180121165391592?
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I have been involved in the equine industry for the past 20 years as a rider, boarder, horse owner, competitor, coach, trainer, and breeder. Horse Listening symbolizes the path that has brought me to this place, through a myriad of experiences that have enriched my life and provided me opportunity for growth. With riding backgrounds encompassing western performance, endurance riding and competitive trail, natural horsemanship, and most prominently, dressage, I feel I have developed into a well-rounded and open-minded equestrian, always in search of more learning!

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