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Books by Heather L Nelson

FIRST SUMMER WITH HORSES, a book for teens/preteens by Heather L Nelson. Two city-bred, horse-crazy girls whose chance meeting influences the course of their lives. They grow up and subtly learn to

Carole T. Beers

Born in Portland, Ore., to descendants of Oregon Trail pioneers, I fell in love with writing as soon as I could read, and with horses as soon as I could ride. I wrote my first stories — and illus

Dawn Nelson

Dawn Nelson is a true cowgirl. She was born and raised on a cattle ranch in North-Eastern Washington state.Dawn, her husband Kris, and their daughter Laren own and operate a large cattle ranch in c

Escogido XXV: The Chosen by Sallie A. Stewart

In 2008 Sallie Stewart suffered a serious Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) while having her young Stallion Escogido XXV- The Chosen, fall on her. Due to this serious injury, Sallie had to re-learn how t

Horse and Rider Books

Trafalgar Square Books was established in 1985 with the publication of one of the best-selling horse books of all time -- CENTERED RIDING. Today our list of titles represents the who's who of the h

Horse Listening

Have you ever wished your horseback riding lessons could come with a user manual? Do you feel that you could serve your horses better as a rider if you only know how and what to do? Two collections

Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator - Author - Speaker

I hope to demystify Animal Communication and what an Animal Communicator or Pet Psychic does. During an Animal Communication session, I am using telepathy, the transference of pictures, words, and

Michael Whitaker - Cowboy Poetry

Michael was born and raised around Buckley, WA. He shares his love of the beauty of the North West as seen from the back of a horse and gives reader his unique perspective of the 'Cowboy' way of li

Michelle Twohig - The Artful Dodger: The Way He Sees His World

For all ages ~The Artful Dodger—the rescued, orphan Paint horse—has a creative way of seeing his world and doesn’t hesitate to share it! From plotting his escape to describing his idea of hea

Stacy Gebhards - When Mules Wear Diamonds

This is an excellent HOW TO book that contains a lot of information that's not included in other books. Over 70 knots, hitches, splices and pulley systems are described in 200 step-by-step, easy to

Susan Acree ~ The Horses I've Loved, A Memoir

Susan's memoir of, a life with, and a passionate love of horses, will touch the heart of anyone who has experienced an extraordinary relationship with a special horse.  

Susie Drougas

When I was five years old - my grandpa put me up on his old horse, Smokey. I knew from that moment on, I was where I wanted to be. Joined Back Country Horsemen of Washington in 1985. I learned how

The Mule Companion: A Guide to Understanding the Mule - Cynthia Attar

This book is rich with mule psychology. We now know that they are smarter than both their parents; and it just takes education, experience, and respect to learn to work best with them. And once you

The Packers Guidebook

Here at The Mountain Canary Company we offer inventive and and new information for the horse and mule packer. We'll talk about everything from the care and feeding of your stock, their hoof mainten

Trail Skills and More

Trail Skills offers inventive information and ideas for the trail rider and packer. Within this book you will find tips, ideas, and knowledge that only come from being on the trail. Written by Ed a